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/How long have your founders been friends?/

well, it's crazy they've been friends for 31 years. Their friendship started over agreeing that the History of Art book was cool.

/The first day of grammar school, get to know each other small talks - 1989.09.01 10 am/ 

/How is it to work with your friends?/

it's pretty good because you can talk about everything. No tension stays around too long. Most importantly you have the same ethical standards. 

/What does the name zym stands for and where did it come from?/

it is synthesized from Zoli's and Miki's name: Pupp Zoltán, Miklós Falvay. Zym is also the Hungarian onomatopoeic word for the sound bees make when they busy working. We love bees and our work. 

/What does zym mean to you?/

for Miki and Zoli zym is their child who is not from their wives. For all of us, it is the place where we can work on a truly worthwhile image experience.  We don't waste people's time, we multiply their experience. It is also an idea mine for us with discovered and yet to discover extraction areas. 

/How came the idea of your previsualized music room?/

well, it takes time until we'll be able to create the real version of our music room in our office by a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. So, till then, we decided to plan and visualize our music room from detail to detail. We've even been to a Hifi salon to pick the perfect speakers for the image. 

work_visuali_hifi01 (1).jpg
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