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Please lean back.

We're about to show you some of our selected animation sequences to give you a taste of how information can flow

from you to your investor.

because the way

you show your investor ...


the property







the important




the significant




the future potential

of the neighborhood 



the estimated increase

in property value


can make your investor see dry numbers and facts in a professional, entertaining animation.

we are a

media design


/carry on working for that extra

digital and social experience.

Can you make

these chairs


we help you

to express your value and strength by the way you choose to tell your message. 

In order to do this, we master 3D modeling, 2D and 3D animation techniques, creative programming, photorealistic rendering, and special effects.
To cup it up, our team has the imagination, passion, understanding, and proactivity to create multiplied image experience out of everything, we put our hands on.


don't worry about the briefing

we can manage your project from  start to end, doing even the architectural visualization ourselves. 

Or we can cooperate with your marketing department, architect studio, making teamwork easy for them.

expect a predictable 

work process


we meet or e-meet for a kick-off,

where we learn your needs

and you learn our techniques,

we decide together whether to create

an isometric animation video

or an entire presentation in 3D, or an interactive 3D modeling, etc. 

for your project, 


we create a creative plan for you that contains examples of the aimed visuality and the list of techniques we'll use


upon approval, we start with

the script and storyboard 

to indicate the structure, look and feel

of text and visual contents 


upon approval, we start to create

the animation/3D presentation

/3D modeling etc. for you

with several checkpoints


you can also rely upon us 

in arranging or creating the background music and the voice-overs


and if you wish to include 

locally filmed footages

we can also support you

via our international connections

if you have tricky questions in mind challenge Miklós with them



Founder / Creative Director / Animator

was born in Székesfehérvár, Hungary. He studied Art and Media design at the Moholy-Nagy University Of Art And Design (MOME) in Budapest. After gaining experience as a production designer, compositor, animator, project manager, creative director; Miklós has learned to translate business needs into the language of art. Realizing this skill as a niche, he has founded Zym-Zym Studio where both business and art projects can find an understanding, bold environment. As a Tutor of MOME, he keeps an eye on young talents, and never hesitates to attract them to our Studio's talent pool. 

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your portfolio's potential

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