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x camera


/static in motion

when an image 


camera mapping brings alive a 2D image, not by making its elements move, but by moving between them. Thus any kind of images, photos, even drawings can be transformed into 3D scenes. 

After we restored the original condition of an antique photograph, for instance, we can travel back and through its time and space. 

We made almost a hundred camera mapped images.

For our Motalko video, we've received Vimeo's Staff Pick badge. 

our camera mapping



camera mapping

audience experience



from photos


camera mapping


consumer experience


and those wild

media design mixtures 

we are continuously learning new technologies and can't resist inventing by combining what we know. 

We love to cross the line of digital and physical experience. Naturally, by mixing them. 

If you're looking for something more daring, see how we

made a hand drawing based camera mapping animation 

for a software explainer video. 

Working with a

media design partner is..?

difficult, tiring? Oh, no, not at all. Media designers are trained to make their ways  to better understand people's goals.  

We're experienced in working from few, hasty hints, and in developing already great client ideas.

So it doesn't matter if you have a faint or a very complex idea,

you can either lean back and wait for our magic, or you're welcome to participate in our creative process.


Both ways, the image you’ll show to your audience,

will multiply their experience.

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