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visual effects


image manipulation

is what we do when we add visual effects to the filmed material during the post-production process.

Our visual effects can be seen in Ibolya Fekete's latest movie titled 'Mom and Other Loonies in the Family'. We also contributed to Márton Szirmai's satiric style

with our visual gags in his short movies: 'Minimal', 'The expedition', 'Hope'. Or we tested, for instance, Blender's new Grease Pencil with a white line animation in Balázs Lévai's mockumentary 'Pécsi Szál'.

See our VFX breakdowns.

Mom and other loonies

in the family



detail replacement

scene dissolve 

background enhancement 

foreground cleaning

audience experience 


Remény (Hope)




audience experience 


Pécsi szál




character drawing

line animation

blender grease pencil

motion tracking

audience experience 


Working with a

media design partner is..?

difficult, tiring? Oh, no, not at all. Media designers are trained to make their ways  to better understand people's goals.  

We're experienced in working from few, hasty hints, and in developing already great client ideas.

So it doesn't matter if you have a faint or a very complex idea,

you can either lean back and wait for our magic, or you're welcome to participate in our creative process.


Both ways, the image you’ll show to your audience,

will multiply their experience.

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