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media design?

Media Design is tireless imagination, bold attitude, rich palette of digital techniques that exceed mediocrity and provide brands,

storytellers, event organizers with the power of 'more'


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Media design is our way to express love and gratitude for human imagination and it is also how we contribute to show more care and endeavor to all who experience our works.



Founder / CFO / CIO

born in 1974, momentarily earthling Zoltan studied Computer Science (MSc)/Technical Translation (MSc)/Economics (MBA) at University of Miskolc. He worked as a Software Developer/Lecturer/Service Coordinator/Project Manager/Team Leader in different countries. He has participated in various projects and has worked in a multicultural environment. Not wasting a moment from his precious earth time, he continuously learns and widens his knowledge, he is interested in almost everything.


Founder / Creative Director / Animator

was born in Székesfehérvár, Hungary. He studied Art and Media design at the Moholy-Nagy University Of Art And Design (MOME) in Budapest. After gaining experience as a production designer, compositor, animator, project manager, creative director; Miklós has learned to translate business needs into the language of art. Realizing this skill as a niche, he has founded Zym-Zym Studio where both business and art projects can find an understanding, bold environment. As a Tutor of MOME, he keeps an eye on young talents, and never hesitates to attract them to our Studio's talent pool. 



Animator / Comics Artist

Born in 1979, graduated at MOME. He is an art director, animator, storyboard and comics artist. He was the president of the Hungarian Comics Academy between 2009-2015. He is animation lecturer at Metropolitan University. Visit his page>


Photographer / Media Designer

A photographer, media designer, media archeologist, scavenger and father of robots. Several of them, actually. He has a ton of gear yet his socks are his most precious belongings. He designed and built a 3D printer once (not the one pictured, duh) As an avid fan of abbreviations, he earned his BA at METU (aka BKF) and MA at MOME, and is working on his DLA.



Media Designer

A media designer with such an interest in 3D printing, VR, creative coding, and human-machine interactions that others would find it unhealthy. He always holds PCBs correctly so the electrons wont spill out, yet he rarely finishes a project without a bandaid or two on his hand, as well as several (and severe) burnmarks. Not to brag, but he earned his BA degree at MOME Budapest, and is currently woking on his MA.


3D Artist, Game Designer

Born in Debrecen, 1994. Studied Media Design at MOME in Budapest. Interested mostly in 3D creations, game design and mixing different digital techniques. His focus is based around the urban environment, abstract worlds, and the digital environment around us. He is always looking for new tools to create modern artworks.



Cinematographer, Media Designer

Born in Budapest, studied cinematography at Metropolitan University. Worked on several commercials, short films, tv series and other projects as DOP, cameraman also as camera crew on international movies. Studied media design at MOME and got particulalry interested in 3D modelling and animation. Combining the knowledge he received from BMU and MOME he is keen on challenging himself on any audiovisual projects.

our media design


We masters 3D modeling, 2D and 3D animation techniques, creative programming, photorealistic rendering, and special effects. 

We have the imagination, passion, understanding, and proactivity to create multiplied experience out of everything, we put our hands on.

our clients 

from all over the world

Bonnemaison Inc.

Hungarian National Filmlab

IDA Pictures

Szent István Múzeum

Megaherz Gmbh.

Realworks Ltd.

Wonderful Production

COTY Hungary Kft.

FCV Technologies Ltd.

Middlemarch Films Inc.

Presentation Graphics Inc.



Login Autonom Kft.

Detki Kft.

Extrabold Kft.

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